• Visitor Management System


    Dashboard is the place where you can easily analyze data like how many visitors came last year, last month etc. There are various kind of analyzing data on dashboard some of them are given following:

    • Visitor Monthly Data
    • Most Visited Month
    • Top 5 Employee's Visitor
  • asset tracking

    Visitor Intimation

    Employee can schedule for meeting using advance intimation module. He/she can manage their future meeting and intimate to the security by filling basic information.

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  • Employee Attendance

    Employee Attendance

    • We can manage employee basic deails like name, department, level, photo, joining date, employee type etc.
    • Track employee daily attendance.
    • Generate various reports like total working hours, total In/Out for a Day.
  • Report

    Blink can generate various kind of reports for you some of them given below:

    • Visitor Report
    • Employee Attendance Report
    • Asset Report
    • Inventory Report

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What is Blink?

Blink is a web-based software which has SasS arhitecture that will revolutionize the way your organisation manages visitors, employee attendance,asset tracking,inventory and vehicle tracking on a single site or on multiple sites across the country and around the world.

Blink On-Demand takes the hassle away from your current manual system and puts control back into the hands of your organisation; ensuring you can meet your compliance obligations around visitor,employee attendance,vehicle tracking and staff safety, evacuations and asset protection.

Solutions for your business

Blink enables system user to request and manage visitors/employee entry in building premises via a standard web browser. It can monitor visitors and employee for any location. It is a web base system so that it can be easily used from any location.

Our global reach

Blink is a web-based system so that it can be accessible from anywhere. We are in global business so anyone can use our system its like a plug and play. Simply request us and we will setup your system in your environment within 24 hours.


  • Schedule a Visit
  • Capture Visitor Details
  • Capture Visitor Image
  • Visitor In/Out Tracking
  • E-mail and SMS Alert
  • Employee Management
  • Non-Employee Management
  • Total Working Hours Tracking
  • Contractor Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • IT Purchase Tracking
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Licens Compliance
  • Reports
Plan and Pricing

Visitor Management System

Our online system allows to capture visitor details and track how many visitor are in building premises. System capture visitor asset's also and that can be Returnable or Non-Returnable so that system will generete alert if visitor forget his/her assets.

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Employee Attendance

The employee register in Blink is very handy tool to monitor employee's time in and time out. Authorized user can generate various kind of reports so that he can easily analyze employee's working hours as well as he can trace working in holidays also.

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Asset Tracking

Asset is the most valuable thing for any organization even for a single person also. Using asset tracking module we can generate label for asset and every asset will have their unique ID so it's very easy to manage. We can manage asset to particular user and track assets In/Out details.

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